Consulting Services


Consulting Services

. ISM Internal Audits

We offer cost effective options to ship operators around the world by having their ISM Internal Audits carried out locally by experienced marine auditors.


. ISPS Internal Audits

Along with ISM audits, we also assist operators with carrying out their ISPS internal audits.  Offering auditors locally is a very cost effective tool in bringing down the operating costs of a vessel.


. Navigation Audits

We have an experienced network of Auditors who can assist with Navigational Audits either alongside or during sailing depending upon the requirements of the operators.


. ISO 14001 and 18001 Internal Audits

As more companies try to streamline their systems with recognized international standards like the ISO 14001 & 18001 systems, we can assist the vessel operator by providing local and cost effective service of internal audits for the company’s compliance with these systems.


. Pre RightShip Vetting and/or Preparation

Over the past few years we have helped many Bulk Carrier owners pass their RightShip vetting inspections with 3-5 stars in the RightShip vetting scale.  This has ensured that their ship have always been viewed favorably in the bulk charter markets.  We have an extensive network of RightShip inspectors as well as experience and trained ex Master Mariners to help carry out a pre-vetting as well as help prepare the vessel prior to the actual vetting by RightShip.


Pre tanker ship vetting (SIRE and CDI)

Tanker vetting is a very important and inevitable aspect of the tanker industry.  We at Valley Maritime, through our network of Vetting Inspectors and professional pre-vetting personnel, have ensured that our clients ships are always well prepared and ready for the toughest vetting inspections.


. Vetting Preparation

Once a pre-vetting inspection has been carried out by one of our professionals, we can also assist the vessel and the operator in helping prepare the vessel for the forthcoming inspection by closing the gaps discovered during the pre-vetting as well as by a series of training exercises designed to help bring the crew up to the required standard of a vetting inspection.


. Vetting attendance as Owner’s Representative

After the completion of a pre-vetting or otherwise, we also offer to assist the Master during an inspection as representatives of the vessel operator.


. Ship Vetting Reply

An improper response to a vetting observation can sometimes make matters worse than the observation itself, leading to the vessel being rejected by the various oil majors, chemical companies and charterers.  We can assist ship operators vetting department by creating correct responses, proper root cause identification including corrective measures to be taken. 


. Pre purchase condition surveys

We at Valley Maritime Inc. have an extensive experience of surveying the vessel condition prior purchase or sale.  We are able to accept any request to determine the condition of any type of vessel.  We help the client get a true picture of the vessel’s condition prior to their investing heavy sums of money in such a costly asset as an ocean going ship.  We have our own in house checklist that gives the client a very clear and precise picture of the vessel’s condition including the hull, structural integrity, machinery condition, tank condition, class status and documentation as well close inspection of ship’s equipment as applicable to each vessel.


. Pre-charter inspections

A lot of charterers today prefer to inspect the vessel prior taking it on charter rather than just relying on the vessel’s past vetting reports.  We at Valley Maritime Inc. have had extensive experience with our pool of highly qualified professionals in helping charterers vet a ship independently prior to putting it on their charter.  We have also assisted various ship operators in meeting the requirements of various charterer requirements.


. USCG Inspection Attendance

All ships entering the US must pass an annual inspection from the USCG in order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).  We have extensive experience in attending these inspections and assisting the Master as Owners Representative.  If possible to board the vessel a few hours before the vessel, we also assist the Master in preparing for the inspection.


. USCG Inspection Preparation

For ships visiting the US for the first time or after a very long period, Valley Maritime Inc. offers a unique service of inspecting and preparing the vessel and its crew in the vessel’s last foreign port prior to her arrival in US waters.  Our inspectors have been asked to travel the world over for such preparations.  Valley Maritime Inc. is proud to say that we have had a near perfect record with USCG inspections after one of our preparation visits to the vessel.


. Safety Supervision

Valley Maritime Inc. can carry out safety supervision of vessel operations during her port stay. While carrying out cargo operations, cleaning, sweeping, pre-wash and bunker operations, vessels crew and equipment will be observed for any deviations from safety procedures.  In case of any lapses operations will be stopped and corrective action taken, and if requested crew training can be provided after taking the corrective action. Training will include but not be limited to the correct use of PPE and the various checklists in use: SSSCL, checklists for STS operations, Safety Permits, etc.


. Port Captaincy

Port Captains of Valley Maritime Inc. are ex Master Mariners with many years of experience in this work all over the world.  They are specialists with extensive practice on large capacity vessels.  The main duty of the Port Captain is to protect our clients’ interests, save their time and warn them against extra expenses.  This is a convenient way to monitor port activities without the expense of sending a port captain.  Some of the services offered as part of our Port Captaincy program are: 

  1. Attendance of vessel during loading/discharging, 
  2. Stowage Planning, 
  3. Loading & Discharging supervision of cargo on a vessel,
  4. Vessels stability and voyage planning,
  5. Expediting of cargo operations
  6. Expediting turn around of vessels in port
  7. Daily reporting to client on vessel’s performance

. LNG Loading/Discharging Operations Supervision


. Loss Control & Cargo Supervision


We have experienced tanker personnel to assist with the expediting of cargo operations to ensure that freight losses and in-port times are kept to a minimum.  Coupled with our loss control services, we have extensive experience of helping tanker operators and charterers in minimizing losses in the carriage of oil, chemical and gas cargoes.


. Assistance in Risk Assessment

Given the inherent risks within the industry, Valley Maritime Inc. helps you manage the risk.  Based upon present and expected operations, we can evaluate and provide general risk assessment and identify actions to limit risk.  We help our clients identify and implement systems and methods that reduce risk on an ongoing basis.


. Hold & Tank Cleanliness Surveys

Valley Maritime Inc. offers Hold and Tank Cleanliness/Condition Surveys where the vessel’s cargo worthiness, including hold and tank condition and cleanliness, and the general suitability to load a particular cargo are inspected on behalf of the operator, charterer and/or terminal.


. Tank Cleaning and tank preparation

This service is offered upon request through one of our associate partners.  Please contact us through our contact page for further information.

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