About Us


Valley Maritime Inc. has recently gotten into the field of crew manning, providing vessels operating around the world and within the Americas with quality, localized and the most cost effective crewing solutions.  We have over a thousand seafarers from El Salvador in our database.  All prospective applicants are carefully screened to verify their experience, competence, fitness and comprehension of English prior to recruitment.

Valley Maritime Inc. was established a few years back in Los Angeles with the aim of providing quality marine inspections, surveys and audits to clients from all over the world.  The high costs of repatriation, especially from South America, led to a lot of clients asking us for more cost effective crewing solutions to this problem.  With local partners Valley Maritime Inc. has started offering crews from El Salvador.  

It was always felt that there was a huge shortage of qualified personnel on the US west coast to offer ship owners quality marine inspection and auditing services.  We have accredited Vetting Inspectors and consultants with extensive experience in the marine consultancy arena in jobs ranging from Crew Training, Audits, Tank-cleaning, On-board training, Pre-purchase and condition surveys to new-building supervision of vessel’s in Japanese ship yards. From our offices in Los Angeles, California we meet our clients needs all over the Americas.

Valley Maritime Inc. has a network of highly qualified seafaring individuals spread all over North and South America to meet our clients specific needs all across the Americas and the Caribbean.

Our principal philosophy is to provide high quality, localized inspections, surveys and audits for our clients at extremely competitive rates thereby avoiding the costs of sending a Superintendent or Auditor all the way from their home country.  This leads to a lot of savings in time, money and resources for vessel operators and other players in the maritime industry.

Over the years we have had the opportunity of having successfully served clients from all over the world in meeting their specific and regulatory requirements.  We work closely with our clients and we are able to tailor our work to each clients individual needs and requirements.

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