Crewing Services


Valley Maritime Inc. along with local partners offers experienced, extremely competent and cost effective local crews from El Salvador to vessels around the world and vessels on liner trades with the Americas or for vessels trading exclusively within the Americas. 

Why crew from El Salvador?


Competent Crew

All our crew is highly competent.  Most of them have been certificated and trained in Honduras in its national training center (Central American Marine Training Center – EMCA).  This is Central America’s premier maritime training establishment with a long history of training some of the finest mariners from that part of the world.

Honduras is a STCW White Flag country, recognized by the IMO for its high quality of crew training and certification.

All their training and certification is up-to-date to the latest international requirements.

All the crew are very well versed in English and some of them have valid US Visas.

The crew are all experienced having worked for recognized international operators like MSC Cruises, Euronav, etc. amongst others.

Over 300 Salvadorian crew members are sailing at this moment on board cruise ships in various ranks and an equal number on board Bulk Carriers, Container ships and Tankers.

We are an equal opportunity employer with both Male and Female members of crew available.

No visa requirements for most Latin American countries including Brazil, Argentina & Chile.

Cost Effective

Repatriation costs from South and Central America can be exorbitantly expensive.  These costs alone can add up severely to the total operating costs of the vessel.

One-way Airfare from the Americas to some of the most common crewing nations:

Source: on September 07, 2014 for travel dated September 23, 2014

As can be seen from the table above, there are substantial savings to be made on repatriations alone.

One look at the table above shows that the average savings in South America and the Caribbean per person per one-way airfare is more than US$ 900.  Taking an average crew contract of 9 months and an average crew strength of 10 people, the annual savings on repatriations alone can be more than US$ 36,000 per ship.

The table above was sourced using the cheapest fare available on Kayak’s web site.  Actual seafarer tickets are substantially higher and the annual savings per ship per can be as much as US$ 40,000 using the before mentioned minimum criteria.

Despite the cost analysis above for the Americas, most of the crew on our database are presently employed upon vessels trading in Europe and around the world.  This alone speaks volumes about the operators’ faith in the competence of Salvadorian crew.

Wages of crew from El Salvador are extremely competitive to the most common crewing nationalities and in some cases even cheaper.  Victualing costs too are low and competitive with the most common crew nationalities. 

Air fares from even North America, though not the same as South America & the Caribbean, are lesser than those to the most common sea faring nations.  The average annual saving per ship from North America can be as much as US$ 10,000.

All crew will be employed on Ship Owner/Operator’s terms of employment (contract) and wage scale.

Ranks available for immediate employment:

  • Boatswains
  • Able Seamen
  • Ordinary Seaman
  • Welder / Fitter
  • Oilers / Motormen
  • Wipers
  • Cooks
  • Assistant Cooks
  • Stewards / Messman

Ranks available with Cruise Ship experience:

  • Waiter
  • Junior Waiter
  • Assistant Waiter
  • Buffet Boy
  • Buffet Girl
  • Pool Boy
  • Crew Mess
  • Hotel Cleaner
  • Crew Cleaner
  • Garbage Man
  • Floor Runner
  • House Keeping
  • Carpenter
  • Upholsterer
  • Babysitter

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